Rendsburg 2018

Meeting report

The student meeting took part from the 15.04.208 until the 21.04.2018. Topic of this meeting were different kind of golf,  tideland hiking and cooking.

On Sunday our 42 guests arrived in Hamburg. Austria and Turkey arrived early in the morning and had time to do some sightseeing. In the evening a bus picked them all up and brought them to the “Jugendfeuerwehrzentrum“ in Rendsburg.

On Monday 65 students and teachers met at the BBZ am NOK, our school in Rendsburg. After being welcomed, the students were divided into their already existing groups. we picked five names of island located in the Baltic Sea and five, which are located in the North Sea. Now it was time for some ice breaking activities in the gym of the school. The students had a lot of fun and lost their timidness. Afterwards they introduced themselves by the method named “coat of arms”. After having lunch the students were divided in two groups. One group did a scavenger hunt through the town of Rendsburg and the other group was introduced to mini golf. This was already the first part of one of the project topics. After two hours the groups switched the program. Due to the very good weather it was an amazing day and everybody was looking forward to the next one.

On Tuesday a bus brought us to the Golf Club Lohersand. There the golfschool Weiser showed how to play golf. The students learned the basic techniques of putting, chipping and the long play. At the end of the day we accompanied two semi professional golfers on hole 16. It was incredible to see the long drives and the accurate puts at the end. All the time the students took photos and videos that they will need on Thursday.

On Wednesday it was time to wake up very early in the morning because we went on a tour to the North Sea which is about one and a half hour away from Rendsburg. At 9 o’clock we started a guided tour through the tidelands. The guides were well prepared with English vocabulary. For the guests it was an exciting experience as they never saw such a place before. Some were walking barefoot and some with rubber boots. We were looking for crabs, little fishes, algae, snails and worms and we learned a lot new things in this unique environment which is at the same levels as the Grand Canyon or the region of the Amazonas as all of them belong to the World Nature Heritage. Afterwards we had the time to go to the beach of St Peter Ording, a beach with a width of 2 km, and play some soccer, frisbee or rugby in mixed teams. In the afternoon the bus drove us to the Multimar Wattforum in Tönning. In this great exhibition we could see everything that is typical for the Wadden Sea and learn also about ecological connections and problems. We had a guided tour there as well and again we were very well informed by the team. After coming back to Rendsburg everybody was really exhausted and nobody wanted to meet again at the evening. The guests just ordered many pizzas to the Jugendfeuerwehrzentrum and the hosts were happy to be at home.

Thursday’s started with a tour to Nortorf. There the students had the possibility to play either Swingolf or Footballgolf. After having a quick lunch in the bus we started with the project outcomes. Each of the 10 groups had to prepare guidelines of how to play golf or how to do a tidelands walk. We used five different methods to do so. In the evening we had a little farewell party in the Ruby Days.

Friday was reserved for a big cooking event. In 10 teams we prepared different salads, burger buns, burger patties, BBQ-sauce, farmer’s breakfast, vegetable spits and fruit salad. After lunch some students presented us singing and dancing acts, that were really impressive. After cleaning up everything we made some group fotos and said farewell with some teardrops and many laughter. The picture gallery you can find in Rendsburg 2018 Gallery.

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