Peer teaching of developed teaching guidelines in Vienna

This week we had a big peer-teaching session at our school in Vienna. Some students from last year’s Erasmus+ elective class who had already participated in the Learning/Teaching/Training Activities in Vienna and Palma de Mallorca and are therefore now experts on the topics of how to play flag football, how to do hiking and beach sports and how to work at an archeological excavation site taught the students of this year’s Erasmus+ elective class about these contents. In order to perform the peer-teaching, they used the teaching guidelines which we had developed during the two Learning/Teaching/Training Activities. These comics, photocollages, PowerPoint presentations, videos and Prezi presentations did not only help them to be good peer-teachers and know what and how to teach certain contents; but they also helped their peers to better follow the instructions and understand everything more easily. In conclusion, we can say that our developed guidelines have proved to be very beneficial because active leaners who first made experiences and then turned these into various teaching guidelines also became great p Hence, it was a really interesting and useful experience for us teachers to support and follow this process of active learners becoming peer-teachers.

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