Institut D’Educacio Secundaria Son Rullan, Spain

The secondary educacio institut Rullan Son is located on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca, an area with high unemployment and few jobs available. The school has a main focus on the promotion of the European idea. Three groups of school are taught in English. Two groups are taught in French. One subject per group. In this school imparts specialized vocational training in sports. The aim is to train young people for skilled workers to the labor market.  One reason for the school to participate in this partnership is to give our students the opportunity to have an experience European exchange. Working in partnership with other European students makes it easier for them to find job opportunities abroad. Many of our students have a poor family environment and social disadvantage they have never visited any of the participating countries. The mobilities of this project will give them the possibility to change that. In our school we firmly believe that it is very important that students are prepared for the European labour market in lifelong learning. This partnership improves the student motivation for lifelong learning experience because of the rapid changes that have taken place in recent years. Especially in recent years of economic crisis. IES Rullan is involved in different departments as well as the facilities where students practice their sport.

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