MEV Koleji Özel Ankara Okulları, Turkey

MEV KOLEJİ Özel Ankara Ortaokulu, Ankara

MEV College Private Ankara Secondary School is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, where we can reach the needed sources easily. In our school our main aims are:

  • To raise our students’ academic, social, artistic and emotional development to the highest level.
  • To make our students have an ability to employ creative and critical thinking.
  • To make them realize that all kinds of problems can be solved through research and practice.

As a school we are a member of Eco-Schools and we have a flag of Eco-School. (Eco-Schools is an international programme for environmental education for sustainability. Pupil involvement throughout the process is an integral and essential factor. The Eco-Schools Green Flag, awarded to schools with high achievement in their Programme, is a recognised and respected eco-label for environmental education and performance.)

In our school there are;

700 students, 62 teachers, 3 vice principles, 1 principle.

The age group of students is 6-14. We have got primary and secondary schools and a kindergarten. Our students take Turkish, English, German, Spanish, French, Sports, Maths, Science, Art, Music, Religion and Ethics, Drama courses, Computer and Social studies and there is a ballet course for the young learners. The school makes the Erasmus+ to a big school project which means that all parts of the school are working on different ways on it (sports, theatre, music, exhibitions, demonstrations, …).


MEV Koleji Özel Ankara Okulları.

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