Testing the developed guidelines by peer teaching

During the meetings in Vienna and Palma the international student group developed guidesline to learn Flag Footbal or Beach Sport activities. The students report following results of using the guidelines:

Teaching flagball

 As part of our Erasmus+ trip in Vienna, Milja, Mona, Minja and Roosa taught our school’s 7th graders flagball.  The groups consisted of about 20 girls, who were taught for three PE lessons.  Our PE teacher Päivi Iivonen was also supervising the lessons. The lessons went well. We started by explaining the rules, and then we started to play the game with our students. In the end we worked as referees and gave instructions. The students were excited to play the game, because it was completely new to them. They all participated and did their best. Explaining the rules was challenging at first, but after we got their attention, the students learned the game quickly. Maybe a bit more time would’ve been needed for explaining the rules, but the students seemed to be having fun anyway. Over all, teaching flagball was fun, and it was nice to see the students have a great time playing the game.


On behalf of our Erasmus+ group,

Mona and Milja


Teaching Beach activities

The Erasmus+ Spain group from Finland gave sample lessons of what we did in Spain for two seventh grade PE groups. There were 15 pupils in the first group and 17 in the second one. We did a warm-up circle in which the pupils ran, crab-walked, walked on their knees and high-knee ran. After the warm-up we divided the seventh graders into two. The first group started with crossing the bar and the second one started with trying to get a ball into a basket. After both groups had done both activities we proceeded to divide the seventh graders into three. The first group started with the ball game, the second with lacrosse and the third with frisbee. The groups understood instructions easily and giving instructions was easy.


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