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The meeting in Vienna took part from the 14th-21th of MAy 2017. The main topic was to develop instructions with different methods for learning flag football. The students used prezi, PDF, MS Powerpoint, Comic Software, Photo Collage and Video techniques. Another part of the meeting was to develope a recipe book with special national dishes and to cook them together. Here is a short report from the students about the meeting:


Today we met all the people from the Erasmus+ project, who arrived yesterday. Our school band played some songs and our headmaster held a welcome speech. After that we were split into groups and showed the students our school. Later in the afternoon American football was on our timetable, so we went to the football arena in Simmering where we met the “Vienna Vikings” who prepared us for the big tournament on Friday.


Today it was all about flag football. We were on the sports ground in the Augarten from 9 o’clock until lunch and after lunch until 4 pm. Two coaches taught us how to throw and catch the ball and how to pull flags from the offence. We had to explain the rules to the foreign students so that we could finally start with the actual flag football game.


After a long day of exercising for the football tournament, we were split again into groups and had to finish some work assignments like collages and videos about flag football in order to remember the rules. After that, we had some free time so we went shopping with the foreign students and showed them popular shopping centers.


The topic for today was cooking. We went to the “Volkskundemuseum Wien” where the tour guide told us all about the history of cooking in Austria and how the kitchen appliances changed with time. In the afternoon we met again in our school in the dining room and prepared a huge dinner with typical Austrian recipes.


It was not only the last day of the project this year, but also the day of the big flag football tournament which we had exercised for the whole week. It was an exciting match and we had a lot of fun. The winners were announced afterwards in the “Festsaal” in our school where our headmaster congratulated everybody and thanked us all for participating in the Erasmus+ project. To finish off the day and also to celebrate a week full of beautiful memories, we had a farewell dinner at a “Heurigen” where we talked one last time with our new friends. We said goodbye and hopefully we’ll see some of them next October in Mallorca.

Results of the meeting you can find here Results flagfootball Vienna 2017.

If you are interested in the prepared CLIL lessons please contact the webmaster.

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