Ankara 2019

Meeting report

The meeting was with students from Finland, Spain and Turkey. In case of the poltikcal situation it was for the German and Austrian students forbidden to travel to Ankara. In May will be in KOkkola a meeting with Finnish, Austrian and German students. In this meeting the students will teach the Austrian and German students with their knowledge which they got in the Ankara meeting. A diary you can find here: MEETING Chronicles

Our first day started with an opening ceremony in our conference hall, our principle Pınar Baydaş made an opening speech. Then our project coordinator and vice principal İlgar Musalı informed the students and the teachers about the program of the week. Also the guest students and the teachers watched some videos about Turkey. After the ceremony, by the help of our teachers students had some ice breaking activities in groups, they had fun and learnt about each other. In the afternoon we visited Anıtkabir and informed the guests about our leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We also visited our foundation and made a short meeting about our project. At the end of the day all of our Turkish, Finnish and Spanish students were happy and looking forward to playing quidditch on Tuesday.

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In our 2nd day, all our Finnish, Spanish and Turkish students got a brief presentation about Quidditch game by the Quidditch Team players from METU. The Quidditch team players form METU, informed our students about the sport, rules and equipments. After the presentation, our students tried to play the game accordingly. In the afternoon they had been in groups of 7 and organized a Quidditch tournament. At the end of a sunny and joyful day, students went back to their home, and waiting for the Cappadocia trip, planned for tomorrow.


On Wednesday, we have visited Cappadocia.  Our first stop was Salt lake, we have seen the salt lake and had some landscape photos. Then we arrived Avanos, where we had visited the pottery shops and also tried making potteries by ourselves. After an enjoyable lunch we continued with Göreme ” Fairy chimneys” and “Open air museum. Our guide informed us aboout the history of the places and about the structures of the chimneys. Our last stop was “Pigeon Valley” where we have seen the sunset and had some photos. Today we are looking for the results of the “Photo competition”.


On Thursday, our students went to Altınköy open air museum. They have seen and informed about the village houses, old school, bridge and windmill. Also they learnt about the animals in the village. During the village visit, the students played “photo scavenger” and took photos of the remarkable places in the village and competed in groups. In the afternoon all students studied on their presentations on different topics related to Erasmus Turkey visit. For the evening we had an enjoyable final dinner with our guests. We had fun and enjoy the day.


On our last day, students presented their projects to 6th and 7th grade students at school.  They informed the students about Photography and Quidditch. In the afternoon, for the cooking session, our students went to the supermarket with the guest students and did the shopping according to their recipes.  All students and teachers started cooking in our dining room. All groups had different recipes of traditional Turkish dishes like sarma, kısır, lahmacun, mücver, börek, cacık, sütlaç etc. Our students told about the traditional dishes to Finnish and Spanish students and cooked with them. We have completed the project by a closing ceremony. Everyone was a bit sad because that was the end of an Erasmus Project trip, but happy to have such great friends. It was a very beneficial experience for all students.


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