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Project idea

2013 starts a project with the objective ““HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY VIA CLIL AND SPORTS” In this project, CLIL methods, physical education and communication between students and teachers from different countries and cultures, was combined under the heading of sports in our respective cultures. We chose sports as the focus of our project because the young people of today spend a lot of time in virtual reality and the majority do not realize the importance of sports, which can help young people to maintain the ability to function in their daily lives.

Student and teacher representatives from schools from...

Project topics


02.12. – 05.12.2019
Coordinators meeting
Budapest, Hungary
09.02. – 15.02.2020
Preserving History
Vienna, Austria
26.09. – 02.10.2021
Sustainable Tourism (+ Coordinators meeting)
Palma de Mallorca, Spain - online
07.11. – 13.11.2021
Scientific Inventions
Budapest, Hungary - online
21.02. - 24.02.2022
Sustainable waste management
Kokkola, Finland - online
27.03. – 02.04.2022
Sustainability of Agriculture (+ Coordinators Meeting)
Ankara, Turkey
15.05. - 21.05.2022
Renewable Energy
Rendsburg, Germany
21th - 24th of May 2019
Transnational project meeting
Vieanna, Austria


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